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first-one-on-the-dance-floor kinda gal. 

I'm an executer of grand visions and small feats whose work spans mediums and timezones. 

I’m a California native who loves her kid, liberation, and pop music. I take the work of justice seriously and try real hard to be a good neighbor. I strive to love generously and read closely. 


With a robust background in communications and strategy, I combine a high-level of understanding of what’s at stake with a pragmatism that makes the overwhelming manageable. I bring order to chaos and creativity to the practical. I’ve got a knack for distilling complicated information into something digestible. 


I’m a maker of media and content of all sorts. I write, I create, I produce, and I enjoy the feeling of getting things d-o-n-e. It's important to me to enjoy the work I do and the people I do it with.


In other words, I’m realistic, but also pretty fun.

My Skills at Your Service...

Story Whisperer

Do you have a story that you’re stuck on? A talk that’s gone flat? I have over a decade of experience teasing compelling stories from the wonkiest and wildest.

I craft keynote speeches. I prep you for panels. I ghostwrite op-eds.


An adaptive thinker with a keen sense of how things fit together, I'm a natural strategist.


With clear vision and collaboration, I get things done well.


I know how to manage the making of media projects. I've produced photography, video, and podcast projects with a dynamic range of collaborators from a-list celebrities to local rabble rousers. I'm ready for my next assignment.

Message Maker

Copy-crafter and message-maker, I have a way with words. I can turn your jargon and technical talk into something clear, concise, and powerful. In my hands, your seed of an idea can become a rich reality dripping with detail. 


So let's write that website copy, let's pitch that new project, let's craft that one-pager.  

Trainer & Facilitator

I work deeply in the realm of “how to.” Working across disciplines, I design creative curricula, workshops, and trainings that support new learning, facilitate hard conversations, and support skill building.


I understand that doing things differently means actually doing things differently.

Probably That Thing You Need

While I mostly traffic in words and stories, I know at least a little bit about how to do a whole lot. So, if you have something you need done, there's a pretty good chance I can help. Just ask.

(Turns out I'm a very bad liar so I'm gonna be honest.)

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