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Recent Projects

I feel outrageously lucky to partner with the people and organizations that make up my list of current collaborators.


May work always be this rich and this fun. 


Economic Security Project

Working closely with co-founder and president Natalie Foster, I edit op-eds, craft talking points, and draft presentations and speeches that make the work of government guarantees come alive. ​



Next River 

I've crafted concept papers, written speeches, and plunged head first into research to equip Next River's founding Executive Director Mia Birdsong as she builds this future-facing organization from the ground up. ​


Octavia Fund

The Octavia Fund

I've supported Milicent Johnson's leadership at the helm of The Octavia Fund and generated new website copy, developed content strategy, drafted initial fundraising content, and bolstered her already formidable public speaking prowess. ​



FRESH Speakers

Working alongside co-founder Vanessa Valenti and their kick-butt team, I've refreshed countless speaker bios, coordinated class launches, and captained online events. ​FRESH Speakers and FRESH Speakers Academy are working with the changemakers and audacious thinkers the world over to remake the bias-filled world of "thought leadership." ​


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Radici Studios

Side-by-side with founder Jen Bloomer, I've written op-eds, bios, and course descriptions while supporting the overall build out and refinement of her brand and voice to make her anti-racist arts education beautiful and accessible. ​


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